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Sparkler's Story

Sparkler is another of our kill pen rescues that came to us about four years ago.  She has been a wonderful horse for our younger girls and their beginner friends; we call her our "babysitter."  Sparkler loves to be groomed, is to catch, has been on trails, through creeks, and does all the things one would expect and desire in a horse for beginners.  The reason we made the difficult decision to sell her is no fault of her own, but due to the fact that our daughter is ready for a more advanced horse.  Full disclosure:  Sparkler has some arthritis that can make her a bit stiff.  This does not make her less of a prospect as a wonderful horse for young and beginning riders.  


The Basics

Trick Rider Maryna


Sparkler standing tall

Broke to ride


Approximately 15 years old

Sparkler Babysitting

Beginner friendly


15.1 Hands

Sparkler Round pen

Price $3000

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