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Chiron Horse Rescue

"it is the difficult horses that have the most to give you"

-Lendon gray

Mission: Stop the Slaughter

It is our mission at chiron horse rescue to find the unwanted, lost, and neglected and restore their trust in humankind through balanced horsemanship.   We believe passionately in the power of a strong equine community to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.  We believe that the spirit of both the horse and rider will restore the heritage of good horsemanship and will result is the best quality care  and find them safe, loving, and permanent adoptive homes.


To see the amazing transformation, please use slider below.  



Karios is a 3 year old 14.1 HH bay Quarter cross.  Kairos is quickly becoming the favorite with nice ground manners and a sweet disposition.  Karios is currently in under saddle training and is proving to be intelligent and willing.



Leroy is a very special gentle giant.   A former bucking horse that we rescued from slaughter, Leroy has demonstrated that he is curious and intelligent with a natural ability to learn quickly in his training.

Lazarus rescue horse

Lazarus is former bucking stock from texas that we rescued from slaughter.    He is new to the ranch and already seems to want to be part of all the activities.  Training is starting soon!

Buy a Family Horse

Are you looking for a family horse of your dreams?  Start here and let us help you find your perfect quarter horse!

Sell Your Family Horse

We offer brokering for family horses as well.  These horses must meet our criteria to before being listed in our brokerage.

Horse Rescue

Looking to rescue a horse?  Rescue is a great way to start this fantastic hobby.  Start your new adventure today!

Saddle Talk blog

From trail-addled musings to opinions of the perfect quarter horse, our blog words of wisdom come in many forms.

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