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CHIRON Quarter Horses

Missouri's Finest Family Quarter Horses

Our Chiron Family

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My name is Mitch, and on behalf of my wife, Nicole and our three daughters, we would like to extend a thank you for visiting Chiron Quarter Horses; we’re very excited about our quarter horse breeding program and the training of world class family and trail horses, and we think you will be too!  Chiron quarter horse farms have a marked focus on traditional family, child friendly, and beginner horses and ponies.  Our approach to family horses we train starts with great breeding, temperament, and willingness to learn . We carefully select Stallions and Mares for their warm personalities, rich lineage, and smooth gait, not to mention their flashy looks and athletic ability. We marry these world class abilities with elegant confirmation to curate a look that’s both sophisticated and relaxed. Heavyweight Hall of fame lineages and beauty inspired by the cultural heritage of the Quarter horse offer calm and refined riding,  and well behaved ground manners.  What is the ultimate test a Chiron Quarter Horse must pass before earning the title of “Family Horse?”  Find out now.




Kairos Day One



After we rescued our first horse from a kill pen, our eyes were opened to the many horrors awaiting horses meant for slaughter. Often outbid by the kill-buyer, well intentioned rescues and responsible horse owners are  left helpless in their efforts to save the "unwanted" horses of America. Annually, over 130,000 horses are sent to slaughter, 92.3% of which, according to the USDA, are in good condition. After we rescued our beloved, sweet, and gentle Kairos, we fell into the rabbit hole of the cruel world of these "unwanteds". Our mission is to join the horse rescue community to outbid the kill-buyer at auction, take in horses whose owners can no longer care for them, and ultimately place them into loving, safe homes. No matter how much we wish we could, we know we cannot save them all; however, we are working to do our part to keep as many horses as we can out of the auction ring, out of the kill pen, and off the slaughter truck.

Kairos Rescue Horse


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Stallions and Mares in Training

Stallion Sunlord
Miss Belle Mare
Lostris Broodmare
Bonnie Chiron Broodmare
Child Pony

Safe and Easy

Bomb Proof Horses

Bomb Proof Horses

Family Friendly Ponies

Family Friendly Ponies

Let us know what you are looking for!

Drop us a note describing what you are looking for in your future companion and we will make it our highest priority to find the horse of your dreams. /  Tel. 502-501-4730

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