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Leroy's Story

Leroy is failed bucking stock who found himself in a kill pen when we rescued him.  Quite simply, Leroy is a gentle giant.  He is a very large boy, who, while tame, will need a soft hand.  Leroy has been saddled, will pick up his feet, tolerates baths just fine, enjoys being groomed, but we have not tried to ride him.  Due to his size and breeding as a bucking stock, he is not for beginners.  We love this horse, and we want him to go to a home with someone who has experience and can give him the time he deserves.  Our decision to sell him has been extremely difficult for us; we would love to keep him, but we simply don't have the time he deserves.  


The Basics



Sparkler standing tall

Can be saddled - Very Green


Approximately 4 years old

Sparkler Babysitting

Not for beginners

Gus looking good

16 Hands

Sparkler Round pen

Price $1500

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