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Selling your family horse?  we can help!

Can we help you sell your family horse?

 All Brokered Horses must meet certain criteria for our buyers.  Chiron Quarter Horses is considered the best source for family horses and our buyers have high expectations for any horse sold on our site.  All Sellers must send us information about your horse plus photos, and videos of each criteria goal completed and we will create a sales listing. We advertise the horse via our website, major social networks and other media sources. Potential buyers will contact YOU directly to purchase the horse, and Chiron Quarter Horses is not involved in the transaction. All horses we represent must meet our standards to present them to the public for sale. 

$25 for 3 Months, No Commission


All horses brokered by Chiron Quarter Horses must be registered to prove parentage and lineage.

Video and Pics

To ensure all criteria is being met, seller must include video and pics of horse completing tasks.


To give the best service to our customers, each horse must be able to perform certain criteria to be considered a family horse.


Contact us today if you have a family horse that you would like to sell.  It is our top priority to match family horses with forever homes.

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