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Our Philosophy


My name is Mitch, and on behalf of my wife, Nicole and our two daughters, we would like to extend a thank you for visiting Chiron Quarter Horses; we’re very excited about what we do here, and we think you will be too!

Since my childhood my passion for horses has always run deep, and as any true horse lover can attest, horses are like tattoos, you can’t have just one. Our family’s strong love of horses has moved us to live a life of horsemanship.   Horses have always been an important and special part of my life, but it is when Nicole and I had our daughters, that my deepest appreciation for a truly safe,“bomb-proof” horse became top priority. Although I had ridden many different breeds of horses over hundreds of miles in the Ozark Mountains, it wasn’t until I became a father that I realized that finding the “perfect” and/or “perfectly safe” pony or horse was nearly impossible. We quickly found that our version of a “bomb-proof kid safe horse” was not the same as others.

Along with this epiphany, came much frustration, and we soon realized how rare it is to find a horse with the qualities and training required to be considered a true family horse.  We searched and searched for horses we felt would be safe and gentle enough for our babies; it was a long and tireless journey. This experience was the inception of Chiron Quarter Horses. We decided we not only wanted to dedicate a major part of our lives to horses, but to provide truly safe horses that will become lifetime companions and can truly be considered the “family horse.”  


Our training practices are influenced by a multitude of the great trainers of today and of the past,  and is heavily focused on the goal that riders of all ages and abilities, will find a forever companion.  What is the ultimate test a Chiron Quarter Horse must pass before earning the title of “Family Horse?” They must pass the test of our 2 and 6 year old.  If we do not feel comfortable enough allowing our children to ride alone safely on one of our horses, they are not ready to be sold. Period.

Our horses are trained by every member of our family, and our biggest goal is to help match families with the horse of their dreams. Thank you again for visiting, and we truly hope you will choose one of our Chiron Quarter Horses to add to your family.

two young happy kids riding a horse on f

Kid Friendly Horses

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Beginner Safe Horses

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Beginner Trail Horses

Missouri Ozark Mountains
Mitch Training Duke
Quick ride while the sun is shining at B

Missouri Ozark Mountains

We are blessed to live in a place of rugged beauty, stunning views, secluded cabins, sparkling crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, fish-filled lakes, horse trails,  and awe-inspiring caverns.  Our farm is located in the heart of outdoor beauty in Walnut Shade, MO, just outside of Branson, MO.  


Buy a Family Horse

Are you looking for a family horse of your dreams?  Start here and let us help you find your perfect quarter horse!

Sell Your Family Horse

We offer brokering for family horses as well.  These horses must meet our criteria to before being listed in our brokerage.

Lease a FAmily Horse

Looking to lease a horse.  Leasing is a great way to start this fantastic hobby.  Start your new adventure today!

Saddle Talk Blog

From trail-addled musings to opinions of the perfect quarter horse, our blog words of wisdom come in many forms.

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