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The most important goal for Chiron Quarter Horses is to train the right horse for your family, and most importantly, your children. Not only is it important to choose a quarter horse that will keep them safe, you need to choose something that matches their personality, riding, and training level so they will enjoy the time they spend in the saddle.   Our Chiron trained horses will not put your family with a horse that is way beyond their ability level and an unsafe mount. They will not have fun, and they are likely to get hurt. They may be so intimidated that they lose all their enjoyment of riding and quit entirely.  Call us now to discuss all the details of what your ideal dream horse is and we will make your dreams come true!

Champion Breeding

Champion Breeding

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World Class Training

Great for all ages

Great For All Ages

Buy a Family Horse

Are you looking for a family horse of your dreams?  Start here and let us help you find your perfect quarter horse!

Sell Your Family Horse

We offer brokering for family horses as well.  These horses must meet our criteria to before being listed in our brokerage.

Lease a family Horse

Looking to lease a horse.  Leasing is a great way to start this fantastic hobby.  Start your new adventure today!

Saddle Talk blog

From trail-addled musings to opinions of the perfect quarter horse, our blog words of wisdom come in many forms.

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