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Horses in Training


FArm stallion Sunlord

From the moment I laid eyes on this colt I believed he was something special. Now, a year later I know he will one day be a sire of importance  A pedigree filled with the greatest Hall of Fame Quarter Horses in History., 


Lady Lostris

This little beauty is going to be a future star and broodmare extraordinaire.   Lostris is flashy, athletic, and curious and will no doubt show greatness in all disciplines.  


LAdy Belle

miss lady belle moves with beautiful animation and charisma which gives her the sweetest disposition.  Her pedigree is filled with many Hall of fame quarter horse bloodlines whose best traits will be passed onto her foals.  

Bonnie is our new filly on farm.  Great

Miss Bonnie

Our miss Bonnie is an amazing specimen with a stocky build, bomb proof temperament, and an eagerness to please that epitomizes true family horses. 

Buy a Family Horse

Are you looking for a family horse of your dreams?  Start here and let us help you find your perfect quarter horse!

Sell Your Family Horse

We offer brokering for family horses as well.  These horses must meet our criteria to before being listed in our brokerage.

Rescue Horses

Rescue Horses can be the most rewarding experience of our lifetime.  Please contact us for more info.

Saddle Talk Blog

From trail-addled musings to opinions of the perfect quarter horse, our blog words of wisdom come in many forms.

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