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Criteria for Chiron Quarter Horses

All horses eligible for sale must meet these basic training requirements.  Proof must be submitted using media such as videos and pics to insure buyers are getting top quality family horses. 



Circle Driving



Standing for Farrier


Round Penning

Yield the Forequarters and Hindquarters

Leading Beside



Obstacles and Noises

Slap and Tap

Multiple passenger

Child must be able to ride the sale horse

Walk, Trot, Canter


Neck Reining



Family Horses

Family Horses

A young girl getting a horseback riding

Safe Riding

Small little boy riding his horse in eve

Solid Groundwork

Buy a Family Horse

Are you looking for a family horse of your dreams?  Start here and let us help you find your perfect quarter horse!

Sell Your Family Horse

We offer brokering for family horses as well.  These horses must meet our criteria to before being listed in our brokerage.

Lease a Horse

Looking to lease a horse.  Leasing is a great way to start this fantastic hobby.  Start your new adventure today!

Saddle Talk

From trail-addled musings to opinions of the perfect quarter horse, our blog words of wisdom come in many forms.

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