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Robert E. Talbot Conservation Area

talbot conservation Area
Talbot Conservation Sign
Robert E. Talbot Horse Trail

In 1980, the Conservation Department purchased 246 acres to maintain and protect riparian habitat along Spring River. Between 1980 and 1986, an additional 4,113 acres were purchased from six landowners, increasing the area to its present size. Originally named after Spring River, which flows unchannelized through the area's southern portion, the area was renamed in 1983 in honor of the late conservation commissioner, Robert E. Talbot from Joplin.

Talbot CA lands vary from the rich bottomland soil along Spring River to rocky, upland soils. The area was formerly a cattle ranch. Presently, the area is 69 percent open land and 31 percent wooded. The area contains a four-acre lake, a seven-acre lake, and numerous ponds.

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